Council approves Construction Management Company for Aquatic & Wellness Centre

When it comes to a major construction project such as the proposed Aquatic & Wellness Centre in Port Elgin, “Construction Management (CM) is critical for a project of this size and scale,” said Saugeen Shores Mayor Luke Charbonneau at Monday night’s (Jan. 9) meeting of Council of Whole.

Council approves Construction Management Company for Aquatic & Wellness Centre

In earlier staff reports, Director of Community Services Kristan Shrider explained that the CM method brings the construction company “… to the table early in the design stage”.  She said that there are many benefits for utilizing the CM method:

• It provides for a team approach with the Town, Architect, Engineers, and Constructor working collectively in overall design and construction.
• Ensures that the building design allows for a more constructible building.
• Ensures that the building design is in line with project budget allocations.
• Typically shortens the construction period required.
• Can reduce construction costs based on best construction practices being utilized.
• Working directly for the client the CM will protect the client’s interest throughout the project.
• Provides a less adversarial approach versus the traditional Design-Bid-Build (Stipulated Sum) contracts used in the past.

The Construction Management RFP was issued on October 27th and closed on December 6th, 2022 with a total of eight (8) submissions received.

“Following a review of the submissions, evaluations, and interview process,” said Shrider, “it is recommended that the Construction Management contract be awarded to Ball Construction Ltd. for a total of $889,600 plus applicable H.S.T.”

Deputy Mayor Diane Huber said that she was “… incredibly impressed with the work that the company (Ball Construction) had done in the province.

Director Shrider said that Ball Construction will “… be a great partner and we are excited that they will join our project team.  They have worked with the municipality before with the renovations at the Southampton Coliseum.”  She added that the company had completed several projects including the Memorial project in North Perth, St. Catherine’s Meridian Centre, the Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre and the Goderich Recreation Centre.

Councillor John Divinski asked if Council would be dealing with a one-person contact once the project begins and Shrider explained that she and her project team would be the main contact for everything concerning the project and presented to Council.

Councillor Rachel Stack raised the question of additional costs that may be incurred. Shrider explained that the budget of approximately $50 million approved by Council in December includes the Construction Management fee.  “The $889,500 is the fixed fee for the Construction Manager for pre-construction phase, construction management services and disbursements throughout the project.”  The town will receive a monthly invoice and progress report that will be examined, approved and then payment made.

Vice-deputy Mayor added that Ball Construction may be “… one of, if not the, best construction company in all of Ontario.”

“We have good players around the table,” added the Mayor, “and that’s how the public can take confidence that the funding window that we have approved is going to be the funding window that we end up spending and no more. Saugeen Shores had managed some projects extremely well and have come in on time and on budget and we are going to do it again.  There appears to be some confusion in the public as to what has and hasn’t been approved.  I want to be clear.  Council has approved the funding window moving ahead with the project, given direction to staff about what we want to see come back in terms of premium items that were considered within that funding window.  What we have not done, but will be doing in the coming months, is discussing the operating model.  We have not made a decision yet as to how the facility will be operated.  There have been questions about the YMCA or whether the municipality will run it but the municipality has made no decision on that at this point but we will be made in the next few weeks in public and folks will have an opportunity to weigh in with Council when the time comes.”

The recommendation resolution by staff that Council approve Ball Construction Ltd. as the Construction Manager for the Aquatic and Wellness Centre Construction Management in the amount of $889,600 plus applicable H.S.T. was approved and carried.