GTA Online Career Builder Guide with Best Choices for Faster Money
GTA Online Career Builder Guide with Best Choices for Faster Money

GTA Online Career Builder is a new feature on the Xbox Series X|S and PS5 versions of the game that allows players to get a head start in the chaotic world of GTA Online. Not only is it just for new players though, but also returning GTA Online players who wish to reset their character.

What is GTA Online Career Builder?

Career Builder essentially allows players to choose from different criminal career paths. You also get GTA$4 million to spend on buying the properties, vehicles, and weapons for your selected career path.

Unfortunately, you must spend a minimum amount of that money before you can actually start playing – you need to spend at least GTA$3 million of the GTA$4 million that you’re given. This means you must spend all your money until you’re just under the GTA$1 million mark.

Another important thing to note is that the Career Builder can only be experienced once. You cannot repeat it even if you create a new character, and you certainly won’t receive the GTA$4 million cash bonus again! Career Builder is solely available to players who own the newest version of GTA Online on the new consoles – the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X|S.

Career Paths

Returning players should already be familiar with these career paths, but here’s a quick rundown of what each path offers for new players. GTA Online career paths are as follows:


If you choose the Executive route, you will get an office and a warehouse to store your special cargo and vehicle cargo. You will buy and sell the cargo as the CEO of the company. While it may sound like a very beneficial career path, it is not lucrative for new players. We will discuss what career path to choose below.

Nightclub Owner

The Nightclub is the worst option here in terms of making money. The main goal of this guide is to help you choose the best career path for earning money quickly in GTA Online as a beginner. The issue here is that the Nightclub does not work if you do not own other businesses, such as the Gunrunning and Biker businesses. If you have other businesses, you can then hire Technicians to control your businesses to keep up with the supply requirements for the Nightclub business to operate passively.

While the Nightclub does offer GTA$10,000 every in-game day, provided you’ve kept its popularity high enough, the issue is that this popularity decreases organically over time. So, you must do missions to keep your Nightclub’s popularity high, which makes it a terrible option here.


In the Biker career path, you become the president of a biker gang involved in several illicit businesses including selling drugs, meth labs, and counterfeiting money. The Biker business is good, but not as good as the Gunrunner career path.


Gunrunning is one of the most profitable businesses. As a Gunrunner, you manufacture and sell weapons. You can either buy them for GTA$75,000 or steal them to source the required materials.

Best Choices

We understand that choosing a career path can be very confusing. So below, we’ve listed the best choices to ensure you are on your way to making the most money in GTA Online possible, in only a few hours. We’ve prepared a step-by-step guide on how you can make the most of the Career Builder feature and optimize your beginning, in order to get the Kosatka submarine as early as possible.

Yes, getting the Kosatka submarine is our end goal. Once you’ve purchased the Kosatka, you will be rolling in money. The Kosatka is part of the Cayo Perico heist update. The Cayo Perico heist is the fastest and the most profitable heist in GTA Online as of now. Previously, it was the Diamond Casino Heist.

So, you’ve got GTA$4 million to begin with at the start of your new character creation. Here’s how you should spend it in order to have around GTA$1 million by the time you load into the world of GTA Online. The Kosatka costs GTA$2.2 million. So once you load into the game, your goal is to earn an additional GTA$1.2 million to reach that $2.2 million mark.

Here’s our cheat sheet:

  • Career: Gunrunner
  • Bunker: Chumash Bunker ($1,650,000)
  • Upgrade: Bunker Upgrade Pack D ($1,214,500)
  • Vehicle: Vapid Bobcat XL ($23,000)
  • Weapons: Vom Feuer Special Carbine ($14,750), Vom Feuer Marksman Rifle ($15,750), Hawk & Little Mini SMG ($8,900), and Hawk & Little Homing Launcher ($75,000)

We’ve chosen the Chumash Bunker due to its location. It is the most cost-effective Bunker for its location, which is one of the best in the game as it is near all the key locations where you will be delivering your weapons as part of your Gunrunning business.

Bunker Upgrade Pack D is the most useful one as it provides you with upgraded staff members, better security, and personal quarters. Better security means fewer raids.

For the vehicle, our first choice, without a doubt, is the Armored Kuruma. However, we’re ultimately trying to maximize our money to buy the Kosatka submarine and the Armored Kuruma costs $698,250. That will set you back a lot.

The Armored Kuruma is useful when you are doing missions that include PvE situations, as enemies in GTA Online are notorious for their highly accurate aim, and being inside the Armored Kuruma provides a lot of protection. This is especially when you have your mini-SMG to drive with.

So, if you are confident and have patience, feel free to go with the Armored Kuruma. But, we advise against it. You can always buy it after you start making money from the Cayo Perico heist. And trust us, it won’t take long. So, you should buy the cheapest vehicle for now, which is the Vapid Bobcat XL.

Finally, we recommend the mini-SMG, marksman rifle, and the special carbine for your weapons. You can also buy the homing launcher to make up for the rest of your required expenditure and get just below the GTA$1 million mark (remember, you need to be under GTA$1 million to be able to enter GTA Online). Now, you should be left with GTA$998,100.

Once you’re all set, you can go to the summary page and start your career. Go through the tutorial phase, and once you reach free roam, you need to do a couple of things to earn significant cash.

Making Money Early

There are plenty of methods you can use to earn money in GTA Online and we’ve got a plethora of guides on how to do so.

However, many of these guides do not provide a lot of cash in a very short amount of time – some are more long-term investments, and some are just heaps of fun. So, if you start doing them right now, it will take forever for you to earn the GTA$2.2 million you need for the Kosatka submarine.

Instead, what we are going to do, is some in-game hunts. If you are a brand new character these hunts will be available for you. Sadly, if you are a returning character and have done them already, you won’t be able to complete them a second time.

Los Santos Slasher Hunt

The first hunt you need to complete is the Los Santos Slasher Hunt. In this, you need to hunt down a serial killer and eliminate him to obtain a Navy Revolver. You can follow five different clues to reach the killer. The fifth clue is always in a random location.

Each clue you find rewards you with GTA$5,000, for a total of GTA$25,000 for finding all five clues. Once you get the Navy Revolver, you need to get 50 headshots with it as a challenge. Upon the completion of the challenge, you will get an additional GTA$200,000.

We highly recommend checking out our complete and in-depth guide on completing this hunt, with all the clue locations.

Double-Action Revolver

The next hunt is for the Double-Action Revolver. You can find this exclusive revolver by completing a small treasure hunt. You find clues around the map, but the clues only start appearing once you receive a special message on your phone while in free-roam.

The locations are random. You can check out this guide on finding the revolver. Once you get the revolver, you need to complete its associated challenge – 50 headshots once again. Upon getting the headshots, you will be rewarded with GTA$250,000.

Stone Hatchet

Finally, there is another weapon you can get by completing five bounties for Maude. She will email you a picture and a general location of the bounty. You can either kill or bring back alive the target. If you bring them back alive, you get an additional GTA$5,000 bonus for each bounty. You must first visit Maude at least once for her to email you.

Once you’ve completed the five bounties, Maude will send you the location of the Stone Hatchet. You can go to the designated area and pick it up. You will earn GTA$250,000 for getting 25 kills with it.

Once again, we have a guide that you can follow along with in order to get the Stone Hatchet in GTA Online.

Upon completion of the above three hunts, you would have earned a total of GTA$700,000. This is on top of the remaining GTA$998,100 from your original GTA$4 million.

Now, having around GTA$1,698,100, you need an additional GTA$501,900 to buy the Kosatka. We suggest you complete some VIP work and Contact missions to earn the remaining amount. You can also complete the Flight School at the airport to earn approximately GTA$220,000. The amount can vary slightly.

Cayo Perico Heist

Once you’ve amassed over $2.2 million, head over to the greyed-out ‘H’ icon on the map, representing the Cayo Perico Heist. The ‘H’ will also have a tropical tree icon on it.

When you reach the location, you will get a message from Miguel Madrazo, Martin Madrazo’s son.

Make your way to the Music Locker by the Diamond Casino. You do not need a penthouse for this. You can pay the receptionist approximately GTA$150 to go inside.

When you’re inside, a cutscene will start and you will meet Miguel Madrazo. Miguel Madrazo is sitting at the bottom floor where the dance floor is. You will find him on the couch in the VIP area.

Once the cutscene ends, go to Warstock Cache & Carry from your phone and purchase the Kosatka submarine to start the Cayo Perico Heist. You see the ‘renovate’ option since we’ve already bought the submarine.

We have a complete collection of guides for starting the Cayo Perico Heist, the prep missions, scope out locations, and even FAQs.

Once you’ve got the Cayo Perico Heist set up, you can earn millions in no time!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to start GTA Online Career Builder?

To start GTA Online’s Career Builder, you need to have the newest version of GTA Online on either the PS5 or Xbox Series X|S.

How to restart GTA Online Career Builder?

Unfortunately, you cannot restart or reuse your Career Builder once you’ve gone through it. Even if you create a new character, you won’t receive another head start or cash bonus.

Can you trade in CEO offices in GTA Online?

You can purchase a different office at a new location, but the cost of the new office will be separate from the initial purchase, and you will not receive any reimbursement for the previous office. Do take note that you cannot directly trade or sell CEO offices with other players.