6 Leading LinkedIn Influencer Marketing Agencies [+ Tips for Your Campaigns]


Influencer Marketing Hub sets itself apart from conventional review platforms through the involvement of Influencer Marketing experts such as Werner Geyser, Djanan Kasumovic, Camille Kennedy, Dave Eagle, and other notable industry figures. This expert team brings a profound understanding of the Influencer Marketing landscape, assessing tools and platforms with an insider’s perspective on capabilities, experience, and industry acumen. Unlike user-generated review platforms, Influencer Marketing Hub’s evaluations are rooted in extensive firsthand experience and direct interactions with the tools and platforms in question. This ensures that the reviews are not only trustworthy but also deeply informed. High-caliber brands like The Goat Agency, Open Influence, and Sculpt undergo rigorous monthly evaluations, highlighting the platform’s commitment to identifying and showcasing top-tier solutions in Influencer Marketing and beyond.

Influencer Marketing Hub employs an expert-driven methodology to evaluate Influencer Marketing agencies, ensuring that our recommendations are both reliable and comprehensive. This approach is designed to help businesses and individuals find the best agencies to meet their specific Influencer Marketing needs. Here’s how we assess the various agencies like The Goat Agency, Open Influence, and Sculpt:

Strategic Analysis of Agency Capabilities: We start by examining each Influencer Marketing agency’s core competencies, such as SEO, PPC, content marketing, and social media strategy. Our focus is on identifying Influencer Marketing that not only offer a wide range of services but also demonstrate exceptional skill in executing high-impact Influencer Marketing campaigns.

Very few brands use LinkedIn for influencer marketing. According to our The State of Influencer Marketing 2024: Benchmark Report less than 10% who use influencer marketing include LinkedIn as a channel.

Yet, LinkedIn is rated as one of the best B2B marketing platforms. Millions of key decision makers use it and by collaborating with other thought leaders you can grow brand trust needed to sway those calling the shots.

Considering that the posts shared from personal accounts generally do better than those posted on a business page, partnering with a few LinkedIn influencers can help your posts to stand out. These six influencer marketing agencies know just how to do that.

6 Top Influencer Marketing Agencies for Your LinkedIn Campaigns


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The Goat Agency

Year founded: 2015

Location: New York City, London, and Singapore

Notable clients: Dell, Tesco, Olay

Rated as one of the leading influencer marketing agencies in New York City, The Goat Agency was founded by three marketers who realized that content creators will be the next major media channel for brands. Fast-forward a mere four years after being founded and they were recognized by Adweek as Europe’s fastest growing agency.

One of the advantages of working with them is that they believe that influencer marketing can be used across all the stages of the funnel. So, whether you’re busy generating brand awareness or ready to drive sign-ups, they’ll adjust their strategy accordingly. Their team is also flexible and can take on a short-term campaign or long-term influencer programs.

As they’ve tracked more than 100,000 influencers and five times the number of content pieces, their team has a wealth of insights.

For the past four years, they’ve been the influencer agency of record for Dell. They’ve run several campaigns for the global tech company across a mix of social platforms, including LInkedIn. Their work has generated over 23 million engagements and seven times the number of impressions.

Not only have they landed clients like Dell but also several awards. They were recently shortlisted for Social Media Agency of the Year at the Campaign Global Agency Awards (and that for the second year running).

Other key services:

  • Social media strategy
  • Paid social 
  • Social media management
  • Content production

Open Influence

Year founded: 2013

Location: Headquartered in Los Angeles, California with several other offices across the world including London, Milan, and Hong Kong

Notable clients: PayPal, Unilever, Verizon

Open Influence is an award-winning creator marketing company and one of the pioneers in influencer marketing. Using a proprietary platform, their team can access a vast collection of influencer data and use machine learning to analyze millions of content pieces.

Open Influence knows that LinkedIn is much more than merely a social network for businesses and professionals. For example, when monday.com needed to drive traffic during the peak of the pandemic, Open Influence helped them to open the floodgates.

To do this, the goal was to show how businesses can use it to stay productive and organized while embracing remote work at the same time. They partnered with nine entrepreneurs and creatives, including the likes of Jonah Berger, a Wharton Professor, bestselling author, and Top Voice on LinkedIn with hundreds of thousands of followers. Together the team of influencers created 36 content pieces that were mainly shared on LinkedIn. 

Other key services:

  • Brand research
  • Competitor audits
  • Creative strategy
  • Live analytics


Year founded: 2011

Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Notable Clients: TikTok, Nikon, Samsung

Sociallyin is an award-winning social media agency that also doubles up as an all-in-one influencer marketing agency. Their team will formulate a campaign strategy, identify influencers, handle contract negotiation, and offer a helping hand when it comes to content creation.

To find influencers, they partner with influencer marketing platforms. These platforms also serve as communication and reporting tools after influencer identification.

Their mission — to build your brand to become an online authority in your niche. As such, they’ll also continuously analyze and improve approaches to help you reach this goal.

In addition to establishing your brand as a thought leader, they can also run influencer campaigns on the other main social platforms as well as in-person events. The latter can link quite nicely with LinkedIn.

For example, when Remote.com, a disruptive B2B company, wanted to strengthen their link with remote hiring, they uncovered untapped areas that they can use to grow their reach to remote work advocates. Using LinkedIn, they specifically concentrated their efforts on reaching contractors and remote employers.

The results — more than 6,800 new engagements in just six months and over 10 times the number in new LinkedIn followers. On top of that, the monthly average LinkedIn interactions also increased by 36%. 

Other key services:

  • Social strategy
  • Content production
  • Community management
  • Paid social ads


Year founded: 2013

Location: Headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands with several other offices across the world

Notable clients: Paramount Pictures, TomTom, Philips

From coming up with a creative concept to measuring and reporting the results, IMA’s services cover all key stages of launching an influencer marketing campaign. While they oversee each step of the way, they ensure that they give influencers enough freedom so that they can be their authentic selves. They believe that content strategies are built upon storytelling and that authentic interaction is the crucial ingredient of influencer marketing.

They work with all the main channels, including LinkedIn. Plus, they also include podcasts in their list of influencer marketing channels which can be integrated quite well when marketing to B2B audiences on LinkedIn.

One feature that sets them apart from many other LinkedIn marketing agencies is that they don’t represent any influencers. Instead, they source the right one for each individual campaign. Combine this approach with the fact that they have a database of more than 19 million influencers and you’re bound to find an influencer that can represent your brand authentically.

They can also boast a number of award-winning campaigns behind their name. Their J&J #CareWithPride campaign received Silver at the Influencer Marketing Awards 2021 in the Best Social Commerce Campaign category.

Other key services:

  • Competitor analysis
  • On-site event management
  • Content management
  • Paid social 
  • Quality assurance

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

Year founded: 2005

Location: Headquartered in Arlington, Texas with several other offices across the US

Notable clients: Quick Roofing, Nationwide Construction, Max Mechanical 

Another option is to work with a full-service digital marketing agency that includes LinkedIn marketing services, like Thrive Internet Marketing Agency. This way, you can combine other services like social media paid advertising with influencer marketing to increase your reach.

Rated as one of the best LinkedIn marketing agencies along with Sculpt, Thrive’s team of social media experts will manage your LinkedIn company page and connect you with key influencers. Aside from assisting with influencer identification, they can also connect you with other industry leaders. Then, to improve your marketing strategy, they rely on data-tracking tools.

As they’re a full-service digital marketing agency, they typically combine a number of strategies. For example, when a restoration and reconstruction company turned to Thrive, their team concentrated on search engine optimization (SEO), online reputation management, and social media paid advertising on LinkedIn and Facebook. They also used LinkedIn to target insurance agencies specifically and implement a lead generation campaign. The paid social campaign on LinkedIn generated more than 15,000 clicks with a click-through rate (CTR) of 1.31%.

Other key services:

  • Audience identification
  • Marketing strategy
  • Page and campaign monitoring

Tips for Launching a Influencer Marketing Campaign on LinkedIn

While influencers are professionals when it comes to content creation, here are a few practical tips on how you can increase the impact of the results. LinkedIn is a unique social media platform that requires a bit of a different approach.   

Create compelling content that goes deeper

The same type of post that gets results on Instagram and TikTok is less likely to be effective on LinkedIn. User-generated content featuring influencers unboxing your products and trying it out is best suited for these types of social platforms.

On LinkedIn, your tone will be more serious. According to We Are Social’s Digital 2024 Special Report, most LinkedIn users (27.7%) use the platform to keep up to date with news and current events. Product and brand research are the second main reason with nearly a quarter using it for this purpose. Only 10% use it for funny or entertaining content.

Instead of sharing user-generated content, you’ll pivot towards data-driven posts. Think articles that interweave statistics or share an expert’s perspective. You can also mix it up with infographics to communicate these stats.

In addition to sharing stats, you can also use it to collect your own data. Surveys and polls are also popular on LinkedIn and a great way that you can engage audiences.

Video also works exceptionally well on LinkedIn. The TED Conferences page has the fourth biggest following, proof that LinkedIn users like to digest thought leadership content in video format.

You don’t need to take to the stage, though. Videos that take a question-and-answer format work well. 

As your content will need to be more comprehensive, you’ll probably find that you’ll share fewer pieces. This is completely fine. With LinkedIn marketing in particular, quality superseeds quantity.

Add the right hashtags

Hashtags matter on LinkedIn too. By adding the right hashtags to your influencer-generated content you can increase the visibility of your posts even further.

According to We Are Social’s report, the hashtags with the most followers on LinkedIn include:

  • #innovation
  • #management
  • #digitalmarketing
  • #technology
  • #futurism
  • #entrepreneurship

That being said, don’t fall into the trap of just adding hashtags for the sake of being seen. Whatever you add should be relevant to the content. If the influencer marketing agency doesn’t include hashtags, you can always use hashtag research tools like Sprout Social or Buzzsumo.

Ensure that your company page is optimized

As your audience will engage with your content on LinkedIn, they’ll probably first check out your LinkedIn business page before jumping to your website to learn more about your business. Your Linkedin business page should be just as credible as your business website.

Ensure that you share all the relevant info and then more. Visitors should get a sense of your brand identity and what you value. You can also create Showcase Pages (dedicated child pages) to zoom in on different aspects of your brand.

Join LinkedIn groups

Along with optimizing your LinkedIn company page, joining LinkedIn groups is another one of the top tips for LinkedIn marketing. It works so well because it can be used in two ways.

Brands that don’t want to work with an influencer marketing agency can use these groups to source potential influencers.

For those that are outsourcing influencer sourcing to agencies, relevant LinkedIn groups can be used as a place to share content. Aside from posting your own content, influencers can also engage with other group members.

Encourage employee advocacy

Aside from working with LinkedIn influencers, also turn to your own employees to make the most of your campaigns. They too have influential voices that can benefit your business and further extend the reach of your content.

To encourage employees to share content on LinkedIn, share prompts that can be used as post ideas. Then, ensure that everyone also has access to your brand style guide so that they can create high-quality content using a unified brand voice.

Buffer, one of the top social media schedulers that include integration with LinkedIn, is an excellent example of what can be achieved with employee advocacy on LinkedIn.

Hailley Griffis, Head of Communications and Content at Buffer, regularly shares product updates from her personal LinkedIn profile. She has over 5,000 followers and has received a Top Strategic Communications Voice badge for her noteworthy contributions.

In fact, you might just find that one of your employees can already be regarded as a LinkedIn influencer.

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