With the world rapidly changing and new business opportunities emerging every day, it’s possible to become a successful entrepreneur in as little as two years.

Teens have unique advantages when it comes to starting their own businesses, including access to resources, understanding of technology, and the potential for risk-taking.

In this article, we’ll explore 20 of the best business ideas that can lead teens on the path to becoming rich. Let’s get started!

Can a teenager start their own business?

Yes, it is possible for a teenager to start their own business. With the entrepreneurial spirit of today’s youth, many teenagers are finding success in launching their own businesses or side hustles.

From launching online stores and blogs to providing marketing services to local businesses, there is no shortage of opportunities for teens looking to make money with their own businesses.

What makes a good business for teens?

Starting a business as a teen can be an excellent way to gain experience and develop workplace skills.

When searching for a business to start, it’s important to consider the needs of teenage entrepreneurs.

Here are five key qualities that can help make businesses successful for teenagers:

  • Flexibility: Having flexible hours is essential when running your own business as a teen. Being able to work around school, sports, and other commitments is necessary for maintaining a balance between business and personal life.
  • Low Costs: Finding businesses with a low startup or recurring costs can be beneficial for teens still in school or just starting out. Low costs also ensure that the rewards outweigh the risks of launching a new venture.
  • Scalability: Scalable business models are great options for teens who are looking to grow their income over time. This might include selling digital products online or providing services such as tutoring or consulting on an hourly basis.
  • Technology: Leveraging technology to increase efficiency and productivity can be a great way for teens to compete in the market. Knowing how to use existing platforms or create new ones can help teens stay competitive and make their businesses stand out.
  • Networking: Building connections is key for any business, but even more so for teens. Networking with other entrepreneurs, mentors, and potential customers can help teens find new opportunities and build their businesses.

Best Small Business Ideas for Teens

Starting a business as a teenager can be an excellent way to gain financial independence, build valuable skills, and learn the ins and outs of entrepreneurship.

Here are some cool business ideas for young entrepreneurs considering starting their own venture:

1. Photography Business

Starting a photography business for teens is a great business idea. It allows creative young minds to express their art and develop important skills through the lens of a camera while earning extra money doing something they love.

2. Social Media Influencer

Utilizing popular social media platforms can help teens build an audience, share their unique perspective on the world, and create content that is engaging and inspiring.

With the right strategy, teens can make a name for themselves in this fast-growing industry.

3. Graphic Design Business

Being a graphic designer is a small business idea with big potential. With the right tools and resources, teens can create amazing visuals that stand out from the crowd.

It offers an opportunity to explore creativity, develop skills in design, and earn extra cash at the same time.

4. Lawn Care Business

As a lawn care business, teens can offer services such as mowing, trimming, and fertilizing lawns in their neighborhoods.

It’s a great business idea for teens who are looking to earn money while honing their manual labor skills.

5. Delivery Service Business

From pizza to groceries, teens can provide the convenience people need while earning money in the process.

It’s an excellent way for them to develop customer service skills, stay physically active, and make money all at once.

6. Child Care Services

Teens can help provide parents with quality, reliable child care in their local area. It offers a fantastic opportunity for teens to develop their interpersonal skills, nurture children, and earn money all at once.

7. Selling on Online Marketplaces

Starting an online business selling products on online marketplaces is a great way for teens to make money.

They can simply buy items at local stores for cheap and sell them on a site like eBay at a marked-up price. With this simple business, teens can begin to sell online right away.

8. Personal Shopper

If teens are good at shopping, they can use their expertise to help others find what they’re looking for.

With this business, teens can use their skills to find the best deals for their clients and make a profit in the process.

9. Dog Walking Business

Next on our list of teen business ideas is offering dog walking services to pet owners. This offers a great way for teens to stay active, get to know the local area, and earn money at the same time.

10. Car Washing Service

Teens can take advantage of the convenience of being able to wash cars at any location and build their skills in customer service, communication, and organizational management. It’s easy to get started, with no special equipment required.

11. Web Designer

With a web design business, teens can create beautiful websites that showcase their unique style and stand out from the crowd.

Plus, they’ll get to learn valuable coding and programming skills, which can help them make money as adults.

12. Tech Support Business

Starting a tech support business for teens is a great way to combine technical know-how with customer service experience.

As tech support providers, teens will be tasked with helping clients troubleshoot their computers, smartphones, and other technical devices.

13. Create an App or Online Game

Teens can start their own businesses by creating an online game or app. With a little technical knowledge and creativity, teens can create something that appeals to others, as well as provides a fun way to make money.

14. Music Lessons

Teens can start their own businesses by giving music lessons providing them with an opportunity to share their passion for music while cashing in.

Teaching music lessons is a great way for teens to develop valuable skills such as communication, creative problem-solving, and organization – all of which can be used later in life.

15. Playing Video Games

Teens can turn their passion for playing their favorite online game into a profitable business.

They can stream their gameplay on Twitch, offer advice and tips to others, or even make money by creating content related to the game.

16. Social Media Marketing Business

Teens can put their social media know-how to work and start a social media marketing business. With this type of business, they’ll be able to help clients reach their target audience and create successful campaigns.

They’ll also get to learn valuable online marketing skills that can be used throughout their career.

17. Craft Fair Vendor

Teens who have an eye for style and design can sell their work at local craft fairs in their town or city. This is a great way for them to showcase their creativity and make money in the process.

18. Soap-Making Business

Making soap can be an enjoyable and profitable endeavor for teens. With a few ingredients and some creativity, they can create their own products to sell on Etsy or at local craft markets.

19. Pet Cleanup Service

People hate to clean up after their pets, so teens can take advantage of this by offering pet cleanup services. All they need is a few supplies and some determination, and they’ll be ready to start earning money.

20. Cake Maker

If you know a teenager who loves to bake, then they can start their own cake-making business. This is a great way for them to unleash their creativity and make some extra dough in the process. With some practice, they can create truly amazing cakes that people will be happy to pay for.

Why should teenagers start their own small businesses?

With the right support, teen entrepreneurs can find true success and reap numerous benefits from launching their own businesses.

Here are five reasons why teens should start their own small businesses:

  • Financial Independence: Many teenagers start businesses to gain financial independence and earn extra income outside of school or family support. Starting a business is one way to do this, often at lower costs than typical jobs.
  • Learning Opportunities: Running a business can help teenagers learn life-long skills such as problem-solving, communication, marketing, and time management. These skills will be valuable in many other areas of life beyond just business.
  • Self-Fulfillment: Teens who have an entrepreneurial spirit may find self-fulfillment in running their own businesses. This sense of ownership and accomplishment can have lasting effects far beyond the early years of entrepreneurship.
  • Strategic Thinking: Launching a successful business takes strategic planning and creative solutions. As a teen entrepreneur, you will quickly develop these important thinking skills which could provide huge benefits down the line.
  • Networking Possibilities: Beginning a small business as a teen opens up countless possibilities for networking with industry professionals who may offer guidance and advice throughout your journey as an entrepreneur.

Top Tips for Teen Entrepreneurs with a Business Idea

Launching a business as a teen can be incredibly rewarding and exciting, but it also requires careful research, preparation, and planning.

To help teenagers with the entrepreneurial spirit get started on their journey to success, here are some key tips to consider:

  • Research the Market: Every business should start with thorough market research. Whether through online searching or interviewing industry professionals, understanding the competitive landscape will help guide you toward a viable concept.
  • Write an Action Plan: Having a clear plan in place is essential for any budding entrepreneur looking to launch their own business. This could include creating a detailed budget, setting milestones and deadlines, and identifying potential partners or investors.
  • Hone Your Skills: Running your own venture means wearing many hats. It is important to equip yourself with the right skill set. This could include taking online classes or attending workshops such as those offered by local organizations for teens or small businesses.
  • Seek Support: Knowing where to turn for advice and guidance is key when launching your own business as a teen. Your friends and family may be able to provide support, but seeking out mentors within the industry may provide invaluable insight and assistance during this process.
  • Reach Out: Don’t hesitate to reach out to your network when looking for advice or resources. Developing relationships with other entrepreneurs who have been where you currently are can go a long way in helping you move forward with your new venture.


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